Deposit over time

Our deposit payment option is a great way to get your order processed immediately, while also giving you the opportunity to make installment payments over time. 

We begin processing your order just as if you paid in full, so your special order dress is set aside for you with no delivery delays! And best of all this is free! Here's how it works:

Step 1

Your Initial Deposit. When adding your item to the shopping cart, select the "Make Deposit" Payment Option. The price will be adjusted, and you will initially pay a down payment of approximately 50% on the item.

Step 2

Make Installment Payments. The remaining balance will be split into 2 equal payments, which you will be notified through email to pay online.

  1. The first of these 2 payments will be due within 30 days from the initial order.
  2. The second and final payment will be due within 60 days from the initial order or just prior to shipping, whichever comes first.
  3. Also, you can make payments as early as you like to expedite the process, for instance, if your dress is in stock and ready to ship.
Step 3

Items Ship! Once paid in full, your order will be released for shipping.

  1. In stock items will ship immediately.
  2. Special order items will ship according to their estimated ship date or immediately if the estimated ship date has past and the items are ready to ship.

Begin shopping now and secure your dress!

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